Catharina Widyasrini
President Director

Rini is the Managing Director and founder of Java PR.
She has 20 years experience in the public relations industry,
working with a holistic approach, from building up opinions to
program implementations. Rini is one of the Indonesian PR
consultants who gained the opportunity to conduct financial
and tourism PR activities in the early 1990s.

Rini also participated in the concept development and socialization
on how investor relations, public relations and legal issues are
merged into the role and responsibilities of a Corporate Secretary.
Her area of expertise included government relations, reputation
building, issues management, event management, media relations,
and community relations.

She has extensive contacts with opinion makers, political and
economic observers, as well as editors and journalists from various
levels and sections. She has been an active member in several
political and democracy discussion clubs in Jakarta.
She also volunteered as a consultant for a number of institutions
dealing with democracy, political and corruption issues.

List of Catharina Widyasrini’s
selected clients with previous companies:

PT Timah Tbk (1994-1996) :
Corporate PR for post restructuring process, Initial Public
Offering, Secondary Market
PT Freeport Indonesia (1998-1990) :
Issues & Crisis Management
Lufthansa : Media Relations and Management
Arianespace : Media Relations
Ericsson : Communication Audit, Marketing PR and Media Relations

I Wayan Maryasa had already been in journalism for more than twenty
years. He started his career as a reporter in Bisnis Indonesia in1986,
where Wayan responsible as an Editor, Managing Editor, and
Deputy of Chief Editor.

He was also responsible as a General Manager of Production outside
his Editorial work. The last post Wayan held in Bisnis Indonesia was
the Deputy Director of General and Human Resources in 2006.

Wayan changed his direction into Public Relations industry since
2007 and became a media consultant ever since, until he was joining
JavaPR up to now. He is actively managing two Foundations working
on education and religious fields. In the highest Indonesian Hindu
association, Central Parisada Hindu, he holds the post as a treasury.
  Bambang Moegono

Starting his career at Java PR in March 2002 as a PR Consultant,
Bem has successfully brought together his excellent media relations
and communications skills as well as his creative thinking to assist
the clients’ public relations activities.

Today, he handles Hewlett-Packard in developing strategic public
relations activities; marketing public relations, building media and
consumer relations and managing their corporate issues.

He had assisted PT Dian Graha Elektrika, the authorized distributor
of Siemens Mobile Phones Indonesia, in establishing effective media
relations and marketing public relations, PT Amway Indonesia
in establishing strategic corporate and marketing communications,
and KONI for media audit. Bem also supported the media relations
activities for various other event managements.

Before joining Java PR, Bem was a PR Executive at PT Jakarta
Industrial Estate Pulogadung, the first Indonesian Industrial Estate.
He contributed his ideas in overall PR tasks; developing a mutually
beneficial relationships between the company and its stakeholders
through extensive media relations, community relations and
development, investor relations and internal relations.

Bem graduated from the Sebelas Maret University, Solo, Indonesia,
with a Bachelors Degree in Social Science, majoring in Mass

  Lia Sudiantoro

Lia joined Java PR since it was first established as a Public
Relations Executive for Event Management.
She specializes in creating gimmick for events, and developing
creative concepts and themes. She has close contacts with
journalists from various leading media.

She has succeeded in organizing a number of marketing events;
the launch of Comm Invest of Bank Commonwealth, Press Launches
of Siemens Mobile Phones, two days seminar of Good Corporate
Governance, the launch of Rainbow2uU and Compaq’s Press
workshop, Y2K dialog nasional, AAJ Integrasi media gathering,
AAJ Associates reception and AAJ Associates seminars in
commemorating AAJ Associates 15th Anniversary.

She graduated from the London School of Public Relations majoring
Business Administration in 1998.